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PANORÂMICA is an independent production company - founded in 2003 by Mara Lobão, a member of the International Academy of Television, Arts & Science, and Rodrigo Montenegro - that has created and produced over 60 series of different formats and 12 feature films of the Kids&Family genre. They develop and produce original content for the main market streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Globoplay, HBO Max, among others, and for the theaters with Disney, Downtown, Warner, Fox, Paris Movies, among others. 

Panorâmica is the leading producer of children and teens' films in Brazil, having extensive experience in adaptations of Brazilian bestsellers. The production company has developed and produced major brands, such as SHOOTING MY LIFE's SCRIPT based on the Brazilian best-selling juvenile book series - top 1 in the opening weekend and top 10 for more than two consecutive weeks on Amazom Prime Video; the franchise AN UNFORGETTABLE YEAR, Original Amazon Prime Video, composed of 4 films - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter - based on the 4 short stories of the homonymous bestseller book; POLIANA’S  ADVENTURES: THE MOVIE, a Warner Bros. Discovery co-production and distribution, a SBT’s soap opera spin-off, that have high ratings.

The production company also created and produced GABY STAR, 126 x 30', nominated for the Emmy Kids Awards, BANFF Awards, and the APCA Awards; the spin-off of the series - GABY STAR: THE MOVIE; ANYTHING FOR A POP STAR, based on the book of the same title; CINDERELLA POP, top 10 on Netflix in over 11 countries (including the UK, Italy, France, and Germany) and CONFESSIONS OF AN INVISIBLE GIRL, Netflix Original, top 10 in over 40 countries. In addition, Panorâmica developed and produced other strong intellectual properties such as NO RETURN, 13 x 60', an action-adventure series for TV Record and A&E; the crime drama TRAILS OF HATE, 18 x 60', for Universal Channel, also aired on FOX Premium and distributed by NBCU Distribution, and the investigative drama for HBO Max THE ABSENTEES, 10 x 45' which had the nominations: APCA Award 2022 for best series, ABC Award 2022 for best Art Direction, SEC Awards 2022 for Best Actor in a National Series and CCXP Awards 2022 for Best Actress in a Series. In the area of non-fiction, Panorâmica has produced internationally famous formats such as INTERVENTION BRAZIL for A&E and CATFISH BRAZIL for MTV/VIACOM. 

In addition, the production company held Globosat's Screenwriter Development Program, that trained more than 400 professionals in the Brazilian audiovisual industry. The project brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, important industry names such as Martha Kauffman (Friends), Anthony Zuicker (CSI), Darren Starr (Sex and the City), and script master Robert Mckee, with his famous worldwide seminars: STORY AND GENRE

In 2024 Panorâmica will release SLEEPING PRINCESS, co-produced by Warner Bros. Discovery and ANYTHING FOR A POP STAR 2, co-produced and distributed by Disney.

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