The Missing

10 eps de 46 min


After the disappearance of his 5-year-old daughter Sofia, former delegate Raul Fagnani opens The Absentees, an agency specialized in finding missing person in São Paulo, Brazil underworld. While investigating, Raul hopes to find consistent clues about his daughter disappearance. Raul's path crosses with Maria Julia, who fled Buenos Aires after her father mysteriously disappeared. Her arrival is like a hurricane in the Absentees routine.

With Erom Cordeiro e Maria Julia and special guest César Troncoso.

Trails Of Hate

18 eps de 46 min 

Police Drama

With four seasons, Trails of Hate follows Carolina Ramalho, a humane chief of police, and her team at the only station specialized in fighting hate crimes in São Paulo, Brazil – DECRADI. The series dives into the underworld of racism and intolerance crimes in Brazil, in a routine full of personal conflicts, internal disputes, as well as ethical and political dilemmas.

With Mayana Neiva, Antonio Saboia and Marat Descartes.

Dj Cinderella

94 min

Teen Movie

buena vista.png

Cintia Dorella (or Dj Cinderella), a determined teen with a perfect life, sees her world turn upside down after her father betrays her mother. Disheartened by love, she focuses on her career as a DJ and struggles with the bad relationship with her stepmother. What she never expected, was for prince charming to come her way and make her believe in love again.

With Maisa, Filipe Bragança and Fernanda Paes Leme

Anything for a Pop Star: The Movie 

 90 min

Teen Movie

Manu, Gabi and Ritinha, a 16-year-old fans of the incredible boyband The Slavabody Disco Disco Boys, are ready to make the impossible possible just to watch their first concert ever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The girls live far from the city and they still must face a difficult task to convince the parents to travel. They only count on Babete, Manu’s super-cousin, to support and keep the girls safe in the big city. However, things didn’t go as planned!

With Maisa, Klara Castanho, Mel Maia, Felipe Neto, João Guilherme and Giovanna Lancelotti

Gaby Estrella 

126 eps of 26 min 

Teen series

Gaby Estrella is a 13 years old girl whose world turns upside down when she has to move to her grandmother's farm in the country. She feels like a true “fish out of water”, but, there, she learns about her past, the Estrellas family history, and her relationship with Music.

With Maitê Padilha, Luiza Prochet and Bárbara Maia

Gaby Estrella: The Movie

90 min

Teen Movie

After a successful career, the teen singer Gaby Estrella must deal with a new competitor, Natasha. To get back to the stardom, she needs to rediscover her origins in her hometown Vale Mirim. Gaby will have the help of her friends but will have to deal with the craziness of her cousin Rita.

With Maitê Padilha, Luiza Prochet and Bárbara Maia

No Return

13 eps de 46 min

Action / Adventure


A group of 11 mountain climbers unite to climb the Agulha do Diabo, in the Serra dos Orgãos, near Teresopolis in Rio de Janeiro. The mountain climbers, ages 16 through 50, with very different backgrounds, degrees of experience and skills, intend to embark on an adventure, where they will supposedly have fun, challenge their skills and accumulate more experience. What they do not expect is, a series of challenges due to a number of errors and an overwhelming flash flood, which will wash over all of them.  Now they are lost, injured and will have to face a real survival test. 


With Roger Gobeth, Juliana Schalch, Silvio Guindane, Flávia Monteiro, Angelo Paes Leme, Camila Rodrigues, Heitor Martinez and Nicola Siri.


8 eps of 46 min


The reality series help people who are emotionally entangled with someone they have never met in real life. Ciro and Ricardo immerse themselves in a new story to help a passionate person discover the truth about their partner. Each episode is an investigation into whether the other participant in the virtual relationship is legitimate or, in fact, a "catfish". Some couples have been communicating for months, or even years.

Health Galore

26 eps of 26 min

Health Galore addressed issues related to health, beauty and well-being, offering the best ways to take care of our body and our health. Hosted by William Furtado and Savio Moll, the show answered many questions people have about the themes, and cracked myths and truths about them, sharing preventive and treatment solutions accessible to all. With a focus on prevention, Health Galore’s first season sought to help people better understand 26 different health issues with an individual and social perspective.

Brazilians of the Word

6 eps of 52 min



The documentary series deeply investigates the motivations, realities, dreams, and frustrations of the Brazilian emigrants on the five continents. Each episode approached issues that all the Brazilian faces around the world.

Getting Together

5 eps de 50 min

Game Show

Getting Together is a reality show in which four singles will fight for the heart of the day. They will participate in various tests and jokes, always with lots of humor, until one of them conquers the love of their life, or not.


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